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Active ingredient of Paramed 76.5 mg is Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, the brand of this steroid is Deus Medical. The packaging of this steroid has a container and each package contains 10 ampoules. The molecular weight of this medicine is 410.5458.

As compared to Trenbolone acetate we find that PARAMED 76.5 (Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate) is a Nandrolone-based anabolic steroid with a longer lasting and slower release, while the effects are similar. Bodybuilders and strength athletes who do not want to risk any bloating or water retention-inducing chemicals use it to bulk up. In general, lean muscle mass increases, improved muscular endurance, and fat loss and therefore cutting benefits are expected from this medicine. You can buy Paramed 76.5 mg from our store to build a fit body.


Most users will not want to risk the negative side effects of overdoing PARAMED 76.5 (Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate), since it is a high anabolic steroid, much more than testosterone, with powerful effects and delayed release rates. As a result, doses more than 300mg per week will be rare, with even half of the dose you will get excellent benefits.

The dosages are generally split evenly and administered twice a week. With a normal 10-14-week cycle, once a week is also a possibility, but there is a danger of blood levels dropping.

Beginners rarely choose Paramed 76.5 mg, as it is more suitable for advanced users, but normally a beginner is recommended to start the dose with 100-150 mg per week to see the results. Intermediate users mostly go for 150-200 mg per week, while experienced users take 200mg weekly. That is why you can buy steroids UK of any brand from us.

Dosage of Paramed 76.5 mg for Females:

Females are not recommended to use Paramed 76.5, as it may cause virilization even at small dosages.

Side effects of Paramed 76.5 mg:

Side effects of Paramed 76.5 mg depend not only on the dpsage but also on personal genetics.

As this steroid contains strong androgenic compounds, and these are the side effects noticed by the users, acne, oily skin, and hair loss, and genetically induced side effects include, male pattern baldness, while women are at risk of virilization effects. Regarding cholesterol levels, the impact is medium compared to other medicines. It may decrease HDL levels and increase LDL levels. This steroid may also increase blood pressure.

Paramed 76.5 also overpowers the production of testosterone, thus it should be cycled along with testosterone and followed by proper PCT.

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