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Trenbolon Biosira Trenotex


Trenbolone is clearly not a drug for beginners. Firstly, beginners are unlikely to feel any “return” from it: by itself, it provides only a very small increase in muscle mass. Secondly, the potential risk of its use is quite high, so it is better to try this drug only when you really need it.


The effective dosage of trenbolone acetate is 350 mg per week (50 mg daily). If you want a stronger effect, double the daily dose. But be prepared that the side effects may increase dramatically when you do so.

The problem with acetate is that it is a very short ester – the level of trenbolone in its case goes down very quickly. So to maintain a more or less stable level, injections will have to be made every day.

Combination with other AAS

In the period of mass gain, trenbolone acetate is best combined with testosterone, but, frankly speaking, here the longer ester will be the best. In the period of preparation for competition (“drying”), trenbolone is usually combined with boldenone, turinabol, stanozolol, drostanolone.

Side effects

Unfortunately, trenbolone can not even be called a relatively safe drug. It has a negative effect on the cardiovascular system, so it is contraindicated for those who have even the slightest heart problems (however, there is still a way out: the negative effect of trenbolone on the heart can be almost completely levelled if you take cardarine together with it).

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