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Trenbolon British Dragon

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Trenabol 200 is a powerful anabolic and androgenic steroid produced by British Dragon Pharmaceuticals (with codes) for injectable use. It is most effective as a doping for athletes, so it is used in mass and strength training courses: when the athletes’ tasks are to maximise muscle growth and increase their strength performance.

Trenabol 200: list of properties

The drug is based on the active ingredient trenbolone enanthate. This is a derivative of nandrolone with the addition of an enanthate ester. “Tren” (slang abbreviation) is characterised by predominant anabolic over androgenic activity: ≈ 400% of endogenous testosterone to ≈ 200% of endogenous testosterone. Duration of action in the form of enanthate reaches up to 2-3 weeks (half-life ≈ 5-7 days).

Effects of Trenabol 200 (trenbolone enanthate):

  • Maximum gain of lean muscle mass;
  • A pronounced increase in strength;
  • Reduction of subcutaneous fat layer;
  • Increased appetite during the course;
  • Increase in libido during the course.

Trenabol 200: course of injections

The dosage of Trenabol 200, as a rule, does not exceed 300-400 mg per week. Since the drug is not for beginners, the dosages are also indicated accordingly. It is optimal to select the weekly dose individually, according to tolerance.

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