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Tribol-200 B.M. Pharma

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Tren-Mix is a unique steroid product that combines all three essential forms of trenbolone. This allows it to maintain a high concentration of the steroid in the body consistently over a long period of time.

Tren-Mix is a high quality and powerful steroid based on the three essential forms of trenbolone: Enanthate, Acetate and Hexahydrocarbonate. The product is designed to maintain a high concentration of the steroid at all times. Trenbolone acetate, which has the shortest ester chain, acts first, and then the other two esters with longer chains gradually open up so that the steroid enters the body evenly and maintains a high concentration. The frequency of the injection is once a week, which is also popular with athletes.

What is the effect of Tribol-200 B.M. Pharma?

First of all, the use of the preparation leads to:

  • Increase in lean muscle mass;
  • Burning of subcutaneous fat;
  • Increase in strength performance;
  • Increase in work capacity;
  • More endurance and flexibility of muscles;
  • Increased muscle recovery;
  • Increased libido.

How to use?

The optimal dose of Tritrenbolic by GEP is selected individually by the athlete. On average, for men, no higher weekly dose than an amount of 200-400 mg (1-2 ml) is recommended. For women, trenbolone and its esters are contraindicated because there is a high risk of virilization of the body.

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